Inquisitiveness can be dangerous, especially when it extends to things one does not know about. Sexual Health is one such area. Right knowledge is essential to prevent oneself from acquiring Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STD/Is). And unfortunately, if acquired, then one should be aware of the tests post exposure to prevent the infection and for long-term management of the diagnosed STI, for oneself and the partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who can visit us?
A.People who are sexually active, who have more than one sexual partner, who have had sex with sex workers, who have had unprotected sex, or those who have had sex with someone diagnosed with an STI, or who themselves have symptoms of or have been diagnosed with one of the STIs.
Q.What if I am embarrassed to ask for an STI test?
A.It's normal to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable while sharing details on your sexual history and asking for an STI test. The fact is that STI is a very common public health problem in India. Our staff is well trained, experienced and compassionate to handle your queries and make you comfortable. All the details shared will be kept confidential.
Q.When should I get an STI test?
A.Sexually active individuals should get tested annually. In case of unprotected sex or any active symptoms related to STIs like unusual discharge or burning from vagina, penis or anal region, it is recommended to get tested immediately. High risk groups like sex workers, escorts, drug users, MSM, etc. should get tested quarterly.
Q.I had sex with a sex worker, do I need to get tested?
A.You are at an increased risk of getting an STI if you have had sex with a sex worker. It is recommended to get tested at the earliest if you have had unprotected sex or have developed signs and symptoms related to any STI.
Q.Can you catch or give STI through oral sex?
A.STIs can be transmitted through oral sex, though the risk of transmission is lower than that during vagina or anal sex.
Q.What tests should I go for?
A.Depending on your signs and symptoms the doctor will recommend the tests that you need. Test for STIs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B & C, HIV and Syphilis are routinely conducted. For more information on tests, please visit the Healthcare Package section on our website.
Q.Can I get a Pregnancy Test?
A.We do Pregnancy Test at our centre. Depending on the case history, the test may be advised by the doctor.
Q.Can I get a Pap Smear test?
A.We do Pap Smear Test at our centre. It is recommended to consult with the doctor regarding getting a Pap Smear Test done.
Q.Will my personal information be kept private?
A.All your personal information is kept private and confidential. Details related to your treatment will be only discussed within the staff responsible to provide you with comprehensive and best service.
Q.How do I make an appointment?
A.For any enquiries or appointments, please call +91 22 6678 9909 or write to us at [email protected]